Troggs of da realms

Troggherds of the realms.

Trogg been asleep in cave. trogg had good dreams of eating mushrooms and gaming with friends until trogg woken up  by stupid fungoid cave shaman trying to pick mushrooms from troggs back.

Trogg remind fungoid cave shaman that trogg not rock, but trogg.

Fungoid cave shaman tell trogg that whispers of another trogg called glogg heard in chatter around swamps. Trogg wonder who is glogg? glogg sound very stupid.

Silly fungoid cave shaman tell trogg that glogg have big megamob following with new rules.

Trogg go and investigate. Trogg think of genius disguise that will allow trogg to go undetected in glogg megamob to learn rules. trogg pretend to be big rock so glogg cannot see trogg, clever trogg.


rock trogg find out that if have gloomspite gitz army, then can give army the GLOGG MEGAMOB keyword. This mean that army can use new allegiance abilities as well as existing ones from gloomspite battletome.

This mean troggs keep benefits of da bad moon such as fangz of da bad moon and bad moon magic.

Rock trogg find new rule called MONSTROUS REGENERATION. This rule allow troggs to add 1 to dice roll to determine if any troggs within a megamob heal any wounds in the hero phase. This now mean troggs heal d3 wounds on 3+ rather than 4+. Trogg think his good addition to army as it improve chance to keep troggs bashing skulls for longer time. Clever troggs.

Trogg also remind ummies that whilst troggs under light of da bad moon, troggs can heal double result of d3 wounds if successfully roll 3+. Trogg think bad moon should be called good moon as it good to troggs.

Trogg does feel sad that MONSTROUS REGENERATION only work in hero phase though. Sad face. This mean that troggs must survive silly enemy wizard hero phase (stupid frog and thin pointy elf), stupid enemy shooting phase (silly lizards and shiny gold ummies with big crossbows), silly enemy combat phase (stupid naked small ginger dwarfs) and then cross big fingers and pray to big mushroom in sky that hope troggs do not get double turned, so that troggs can then heal up.

Trogg suggest that maybe MONSTROUS REGENERATION would be better if allow troggs to heal in multiple phases whilst basking in magical light of da bad moon. Some ummies may think this overpowered however many time trogg roll lots of 6’s for da bad moon movement and moon run off board by turn 3. Stupid moon.   


clever trogg continue to be undercover rock and listen as glogg megamob have new command ability. This called OBLIVIOUS TO SORCERY. This command ability to be used within hero phase, where pick 1 friendly gloggs megamob fellwater troggoth or rockgut troggoth unit wholly within 12” of glogg megamob dankhold troggoth hero.

until next hero phase each time chosen unit affected by a silly spell or stupid endless spell, roll a dice and on a 4+ unit ignores the spell or endless spell effects.

Trogg think this very good as trogg see lots of silly enemy wizards such as stupid frog and thin pointy elves in current UK scene. Trogg already have this ability as trogg is da bestest trogg but trogg like idea of giving more protection to rockgut brothers and stinky cousins as they run up battlefield.

Trogg also note that da dankdame have Fellwater troggoth keyword. This mean da dankdame can also be chosen for magic resistance. Clever trogg.

Trogg note downside to OBLIVIOUS TO SORCERY, trogg army may run out of CPs for trogg warscoll command ability called INSTINCTIVE LEADER. This command ability allow trogg to shout at rockgut brothers and stinky cousins allowing them to reroll hits of 1 within 18” as sometime rockgut brothers and stinky cousins miss with heavy clubs. Stupid clubs.

Also trogg think CPs useful for shouting at rockgut brothers and stinky cousins from running from battlefield as they only have bravery 5 or bravery 6 if within range of trogg. Therefore trogg advise to keep CPs in reserve in need to shout at brothers or cousins to either hit harder or stop running.


If running glogg megamob army, glogg general MUST take this command trait called SHEPHERD OF IDIOTIC DESTRUCTION. Trogg think GW idiotic as trogg think destruction clever.

This trait states that if general is on battlefield at the start of the hero phase then on a 4+ gain 1 extra command point.

As trogg mention above, trogg like CPs. Clever CPs.

Trogg think this look good but fact that must take this trait mean trogg can not access other traits within gloomspite battletome such as loonskin or mighty blow. Sad face.

If Trogg have loonskin. Trogg always counts as under the light of the bad moon for receiving 1 extra command points. Trogg think that getting automatic command point for having loonskin to having to roll a 4+ is definitely a silly downgrade, however trogg remember that da bad moon shine light on battlefield from turn 2 and can quickly disappear with bad dice rolls, therefore there is argument that glogg trait is betterer as there are 5 chances to get a command point.

If trogg have mighty blow, this allow trogg to reroll damage dice if trogg club get heavy and roll silly 1’s and 2’s for damage. For this trait trogg like to be threat or damage piece, attacking units or heroes with its 4 attacks rend 2 dmg d6. Clever trogg.

If trogg use SHEPHERD OF IDIOTIC DESTRUCTION, trogg become more support unit, a unit that want to ensure stay on battlefield to make the most of getting CPs so as to keep shouting at rockgut brothers and stinky cousins.


Trogg think bestest artefact within gloomspite book is glowy howzit. This artefact allows trogg to roll a dice each time trogg take WOUND or MORTAL WOUND and on a 4+ ignore it.

However sometime trogg get hungry and if trogg roll a 1 when roll dice for wound or mortal wound. Trogg eat artefact and artefact can no longer be used. Silly trogg.

New glogg artefact is silly version of this artefact called AETHERQUARTZ STUDED HIDE. This artefact must be given to first gloggs megamob troggoth hero. This means that another troggboss or da dankdame can have shiny buttocks, while trogg keep Glowy Howzit if take new battalion. Clever trogg.

AETHERQUARTZ STUDED HIDE allow bearer to roll a dice each time they suffer a MORTAL wound and on a 5+ ignore it. Trogg think this good to give to da dankdame as it give her extra level of defense

Trogg think that this artefact is stupid as does not include WOUNDS like glowy howzit does, therefore this artefact go to additional hero.


Trogg never really like loonshrine. Loonshrine give troggs battleshock immunity if trogg unit wholly within 12”. This not really good especially when troggs run off to fight silly ummies or thin elfs and then troggs not within range.

Loonshrine now get updated for new glogg megamob to have HIDDEN TROGGHOLE ability. This ability states that at the end of each trogg turns trogg can pick 1 fellwater troggoth or rockgut troggoth unit that been destroyed and roll dice. On a 4+ a replacement unit with half the models from the unit that was destroyed (rounding up) can be placed onto the battlefield.

Trogg think this great. Trogg hear that silly squigs get this ability in last white dwarf and all ummies know that troggs are betterer than silly grots and stupid squigs so trogg glad that troggs get this ability too. Clever GW.

Trogg and friends also note that da dankdame has fellwater troggoth keyword, therefore if da dankdame dies, on a 4+ da dankdame come back to life. Clever dankdame.

Trogg think that this rule help lots of different trogg builds, some builds may have large bully units such as 9 rockguts brothers or stinky cousins which can then be teleported up battlefield by silly fungoid cave shaman. This ensure enemy have to deal with this unit while other units move onto objectives. If enemy destroy large unit, trogg hopefully roll 4+ to bring back 5 troggs.

Or trogg think small MSU units of 3 benefit from this rule, small units cover more battlefield due to big feet but if unit of 3 destroyed, if roll 4+ 2 troggs come back. So not lose too many troggs.

Trogg note that the HIDDEN TROGGHOLE abilities are not tied to glogg megamob keyword which means other troggs can use hidden trogghole abilities without having to take other glogg megamob traits or artefacts.


Old trogg battalion called troggherd, this battalion used to cost 180 points but now cost 170 points and allow 1 extra damage on wound roll of 6. Trogg remember when new changehost come out and teleport 2 units for 180 points. Silly troggherd.

Glogg megamob have new battalion called STOMPING MEGAMOB. This battalion consist of same units as troggherd but now must have glogg megamob keyword.

  • 1x glogg dankhold trogboss
  • 3-9 glogg megamob dankhold troggoth, fellwater troggoth or rockgut troggoth units in any combination
  • 0-2 glogg megamob aleguzzler gargants.

STOMPING MEGAMOB now give ability called ONE TRACK MINDS. This allow megamob units within battalion to retreat, shoot and/or charge.

Trogg think this ability clever. This ability make stinky fellwater cousins super strong and allow fellwater units stuck in combat to use big feet to retreat out and still deal damage through vomit attacks and then charge back into same unit or into other nearby units. Clever battalion.

Trogg note that rockgut brothers cannot shoot using this battalion as throwing rocks is an ability not a shooting attack. Silly rockgut brothers.


Although named after silly glogg, trogg like changes for troggs. trogg not think changes overpowered but add to trogg armies giving trogg extra resilience against things such as stupid magic that seem to be in abundance in many armies seen on battlefields. Trogg think cleverest additions are definitely addition of HIDDEN TROGGHOLES and ability to retreat, shoot and/or charge from battalion. Allowing units to be replaced and ability to not be stuck in combat so that more troggsmashing can happen are definitely positives to a trogg army.

But for now trogg return to cave to sleep, and dream about large mushrooms and gaming again with friends.

Night night.

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